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No 1. Private Security Guard Services in Los Angeles
Do you worry about where and how your money or other assets are being transported? As a business owner and high-level executive you certainly should. guardNOW® Private Security offers you the chance to hire private security to protect your services. All the training that our private security staff offers is yours for the taking. We have unarmed level personal security services with professionals who are licensed to carry a weapon. The most important thing to keep in mind is that our professionals are calm and steady. You don’t want to have Private Security working with you that are not able to control themselves.
In most circumstances, armed security is only needed when there is something that needs to be protected. Items like cash, jewelry, antiques, and artwork are just some of the items we have protected with personal security in the past. Our guards are more than just on-demand guards, they’re former military personnel and law officials who have the training you need and crave to get things done. We are the guards that protect your town.
Armed Security Guard Features
Whatever you classify as an asset is what we can protect with Private Security services. This may include books, people and more. Yes, we have even been hired to send out Executive security to protect people. We have been hired to protect and serve casinos, banks and more. Anywhere there is a need for Private Security services then we are there. We are not ordinarily sent to public retail venues, but we can protect those as well. They need more than just guarding; they need a team of armed professionals. Armed security officers are rarely called upon to use force, but we have and we will. We are available day and night to escort and serve your executive security service needs.
Security and protection need professionals, they need trained military personal and more. Less than professional services may leave your business with access to long term damages. In the event that you feel that you might need Executive security immediately, we are ready to help. Within 2 hours you will have Executive security or guards at your doorstep ready to help and serve you.
Private security is required to be calm and patient. They have to calculate the situation and evaluate any threats before they happen. The first step is to evaluate, that is what we are best at. We evaluate the situation and consider the avenues that might be a problem before they even become one. At guardNOW® Private Security we offer a series of executive security options.


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