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247 Private Security provides various patrol services to customers. Moreover, our team of vigilant security patrol guards are 24/7 on patrol duty to watch out for any suspicious activities. The private security patrol guard conducts regular travel or walking around the vicinity of the property. Security patrol services are one of the core services that we provide for the safety of the customers and it is our private guard patrol team’s primary duty to do patrolling.
Our private patrol security guards are trained to remain proactive and ensure that there is proper and enhanced security at the customer’s property or any other site. Some of our team conduct inspections through security patrol vehicles or by foot. The main reason behind patrolling is to maintain the security of the property and assets and act quickly before any crime takes place. The presence of armed patrol security is enough to secure the entire place and reduce the chance of theft, intrusion, robbery, invasion, or vandalism.
Apart from that, 247 Private Security’s armed security patrol guards are well-equipped with expertise and experience, and technology. Customers can place their trust in us because we provide quality work and professional security guard and patrol services. Our security guard patrol team conducts three types of patrols such as:
Foot Patrol
In our foot patrol security services, our private guards carry out patrolling on foot. It helps our patrol guard security team to access the property and other nearby sites more closely. Conducting foot patrolling helps our private patrol security team to discover crucial areas like, triggers of a fire breakout, flooding, open windows, jammed doors, and potential trespassers. Our patrol security company checks and records these activities for future patrolling purposes. Our patrolling guards’ team knows how to look out for threats on foot without unwanted drawing attention. After the inspection of the site, each of them is assigned checkpoints that are accessible to the team only.
Vehicle Security Patrol
247 Private Security also provides vehicle patrol services when the security on patrol has to cover larger areas like golf courses, events, stadiums (football, cricket), and horse racing courses.
Sometimes, due to a shortage of time or during any emergency, we also offer vehicle patrol services to our customers. 247 Private Security also offers patrolling services in various areas like hotels, farming, and construction sites. We are closely working with residential security, industrial security, as well as event management firms.
Remote Patrol
We also give remote patrol security and guard security services. All thanks to video surveillance technology, we can monitor the customer’s site with the help of drones and CCTV.
The security guard and patrol vehicles also cover major key areas to give 360-degree shields to the customers. So here are some of the 7 key duties that our security vehicle patrol guards perform regularly to protect customers and their assets.
Patrolling, Inspecting & Monitoring the Site
247 Private Security stands above in security patrol services Los Angeles for offering personnel to patrol the property, monitor surveillance, know all the access points, refuse or allow entries, inspect unidentified objects or equipment, make sure the rapid alarm response system is on, etc.
Loss Prevention Strategies and Reporting
Our team of on-duty vehicle security patrol reports the location fast to prevent any damage or loss, trespassing, violations, or any form of non-conformities.
Controls Road Traffics To Avoid Accidents
The vehicle patrol security guard of our company knows how to act and control any sort of traffic accident and aid people who need help.
Detaining Individuals
The security guard & patrol service team has the right to detain, give citations, or issue warnings against any suspicious people. If any individual commits any sort of offense, our security guards and patrol services company hands them right away to the authorities. In such circumstances, we also provide needed reports to assist them.
Maintaining Hardware and Safety Systems
Our well-trained private security guards do preventative maintenance like following the manufacturer’s instructions, troubleshooting, and calling for repairs. They make sure that all the hardware and safety systems are functioning properly.
Take Security Measures
Our vigilant private patrolling guards follow all the preventative measures and inspections instead of waiting for something to happen. We train our security service patrol to take more security measures to avoid damage, burglary, and other threats.
Protecting Company’s Reputation
As the company’s reputation is in the patrol security guard’s hands, they know what rules to follow. The requirements and situations of each site are different, so they know how to abide by the rules. The employees, guards, and the other staff know how to adapt and perform certain activities because the customer’s safety is in their hands.
Moreover, the patrol guards do regular rounds around your property, offer professional services, carry out duty efficiently, and follow best practices.



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