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247 Private Security provides a hardworking private security guard team that offers commercial protective services day and night. We are one of the dedicated commercial security guard companies that believe in providing the best security services to clients. Our security company commercial guards are fit to work in various areas that ate publicly accessible to others, such as:
There are many more places where commercial security guards are adept to work, and as per the client’s requirements and special needs, they can get themselves adjusted. Apart from that, they perform various roles vigilantly, which many of our potential clients are not aware of.
Below we have explained some essential duties and responsibilities our expert commercial security guard team carries out regularly:
The main duty of our private security commercial guards is to ensure that any person entering a certain premise or territory is following all the rules and regulations that are mandatory to follow. Some laws might also apply to the other people.
When it comes to the corporate world, when a guest or any person visits the commercial space of the company, they are made to sign in before entering the premises. They will only be allowed to go inside the building, use the elevators or walk into other spaces when all the mandatory things are completed first. Our commercial security guards make sure all the visitors follow this rule.
We provide various types of mental and physical training to our commercial business security guards before they join the security guard force. They are highly proficient in responding quickly to a variety of emergencies and serious threats. Such situations include incidents that are immediate threats to customers and other people. 
Our commercial security guard team can also take care of instances where people need basic first aid. They undergo various special training that makes them fit to assist during medical emergencies. Moreover, they act as the medical assisting staff under the officer until the medical staff arrives at the location. Apart from this, commercial security guards are highly intelligent and trained to observe every activity, be proactive, and prevent any serious situations from happening.
We are well equipped with the best staff to provide commercial security services to the customer’s property or business. Our team of guards offers commercial security guard services like keeping an eye on the business or property, performing various tasks, doing regular patrols, and much more. In addition to this, our efficient private security guards offer outstanding services and solutions to any recurring or urgent problems. The fleet of guards also performs basic checks and other important duties to protect the property and people. 
They are on high alert in busy places or public spaces like buildings or facilities. They do thorough checks on individuals to avoid any break-ins in places like hallways, parking lots, lobbies, and any other additional area. The commercial security services also make sure that certain floors or areas are accessible only for the employees and other staff members of the particular company. 
The experienced team of commercial security guards also handles the access department smoothly. They serve as gatekeepers near the exit and entry points and other accessible areas. Moreover, they control who goes into the building. These commercial security guards perform various duties, which also include checking the IDs of guests, employees, or visitors. They also ask the visitors and guests who they are here for or where they are going.
This generation is enjoying the benefits of technology. Moreover, various high-tech tools like monitor surveillance and alarm alerts are quite beneficial for commercial security guards. 247 Private Security is one of the professional commercial security companies that also trains the private guard on how to operate such tools. 
The main duty of the monitoring team is to keep an eye on what the live CCTV is showing anytime. Furthermore, they also daily keep a check on alarm systems to make sure they are set properly. They are highly trained professionals who know how to investigate any triggered alarms.
Commercial security has to maintain daily reports of logs or other activities that have the complete list of names of all the guests and visitors. In case of any security incident, they prepare a detailed report on what, how and when the event happened and give it to law enforcement agencies. 



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