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Bike & Golf Cart Patrol
247 Private Security has skilled experienced bike patrol security golf cart guards. Our golf cart security team is divided into various small groups, which are supervised by the officer of the guards. As the golf cart courses have huge grounds, bike patrolling gives the golf cart security team members ability to reach all the locations which a traditional patrol car cannot access. And sometimes, responding from certain areas in patrol cars can take a lot of time because of blocked pedestrians, isolated locations, or other problems.
Apart from that, some golf courses have uneven roads which makes it easy for any suspicious person to enter and hide easily. The security patrol golf cart team is assigned bikes that they can use for transport and patrolling. It helps them to respond to calls and reach the specific location before the time when there is a need.
In addition to this, private security bike patrol teams are also trained to work for special events. Any crimes can happen at huge golf functions when there is a presence of special guests and huge crowds, so security golf cart bike patrol teams patrol every spot to respond to critical situations. They know how to maintain peace in a crowded environment and increase visibility.
There are numerous advantages of hiring bike patrol private security services in Los Angeles. Mobility and visibility are one of the benefits security golf cart teams have. Most of the bike patrol private guard team is visible to the people and that increases human contact. This helps them to know individuals by name. Thus, this allows the private security guard to be proactive in fighting crime, instead of being reactive. Bike security golf cart guards stay more aware of the concerns of the customers before the issues escalate.
Before any big events, the bike security patrol golf cart team can inspect the surroundings quickly just to know the loopholes (places where a patrol has limited mobility) and find shortcuts to access certain locations when the event is going on. So the bike patrolling golf cart security increases security, adds stealth, and increases advantages over any other vehicle patrols. One more plus point is that a golf bike security guard travels quietly but briskly from one unaccessible place to another without being noticed. Apart from that, any suspicious person, or a criminal who is fleeing or trying to enter a golf course cannot run from a trained private security guard on a bike.
The duties of each bike patrol security guard may vary from place to place.
Moreover, 247 Private Security provides armed and unarmed services as per the needs, events, and locations of the customers. Besides, our bike patrol guards are fit and well-trained to ride anywhere in Los Angeles. Another biggest advantage of bike and golf cart patrol is that it has the ability to navigate swiftly around the ground while avoiding any hazards and hurdles that would hinder their patrol bikes in their tracks.
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